Tailor Made For You

People always wonder, ‘what if the shutters don’t fit?’.  Beehive Shutters makes each of our shutters custom fit for your window. Not just your house or one size fits alls windows, but we also want it to work for what you do.

Since it is custom made, we ensure it will fit. And if for some odd reason they don’t fit, we will get it right!  Beehive Shutters are custom built for your house. 

That is the great thing at Beehive Shutters, you won’t find a stack of window shutters, pre-built and stacked in a warehouse like you see with products at big box stores. We make shutters once we measure your window and design it for your needs.

Each window is made so differently by each builder. Each architect uses such different size windows, each homeowner has different interior decorations that require different shutter frames. We figure that out with you and again, Beehive Shutters will make sure they fit correctly.

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