Shutters Indoor or Shutters Outdoor??

non moving shutters.

We are selling the shutters that go inside the house, beautiful wood interior shutters. Shutters that give wonderful aesthetic beauty, they give better control of light inside your house, they nearly double the insulation value of your windows.

The shutters you see flanking the outsides of windows on houses are technically shutters. With a huge difference, they are decorative and don’t move. I like them and I think they give some flare.  

Often when meeting someone new I tell them I sell shutters and often they think of those non-moving, decorative-only shutters and cannot figure out why I am giddy for those things. These shutters that we now use for charm used to have a purpose, they would be on hinges, like Beehive shutters except they would protect the window and secure the house from the outside. Sometimes they have louvres and sometimes not, generally if they do have louvres they move only a small bit.

Beehive shutters are different, they stay inside, the movement of the louvres adjust in an instance and can let your family room go from dark out to full sun, they even swing away to get full sun and full access to the window itself.

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